Join our campaign!

It takes tremendous community support to win re-election in these unique times, and volunteers are vital to our success.

We are currently signing up volunteers to:

  • Write post cards encouraging votes for Leah
  • Make calls to local voters
  • Host a yard sign
  • Help safely deliver campaign info to doors of neighbors, and spread the word of Leah’s candidacy. 

Whether you prefer to write postcards, make calls to voters, host a yard sign, or want to make a monetary contribution to support Leah’s campaign, please join by sending us your email address, or send us a message. We want to hear from you!

    To make a contribution today, donate online using the button on the top right of your screen.

    Or contact us for information about how to send a check.

    THANK YOU! Your contribution will be used to help us share our message with voters in the district!

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