Why I'm Running

I am a mom and wife, and have a background in education and budget management. I have lived in Milwaukee County for over 12 years and I care deeply about the people who live and work here. I have been honored for the last 3 years to serve on the Oak Creek Franklin School District School Board as the Board Treasurer.
It is a challenging time for public education, and we need informed, dedicated leaders to ensure the best outcomes. I am excited to be a part of this community, and I want to use my love of both children and education to support the students, families and staff of Oak Creek. As a parent of a young child, I am committed to the continued success of the district for many years to come.

I am running for re-election to the OCFSD School Board, and hope to earn your vote on Tuesday, Feb 16th and then again on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. 

Prior to becoming a member of the OCFSD School Board, Leah Schreiber Johnson taught at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin and at the Hubei University of Technology in Wuhan, China, and was an Undergraduate Advisor and instructor/curriculum developer for courses in design and business math for visual artists at the Peck School of the Arts at UW-Milwaukee.

She recently served as the Residency Coordinator for the Dept of Anesthesia at the Medical College of Wisconsin from 2018-2020, and now works as an agile project and budget manager for a major local tech organization.

My husband Peter and I live with our young son and my mom who recently retired from her career as a nurse. We chose a home in Oak Creek in a quiet neighborhood with room to grow, a big yard and plenty of local kids. We moved in the summer of 2016 and are very happy with our decision. We have great neighbors, great schools and we look forward to many years with OCFSD.