Our Family

Vision for OCFSD

I am a mom, an educator, and an engaged community member. Strong public schools are essential, and I believe it takes the commitment of the entire community for public education to be at its best. I am running for Oak Creek Franklin School District Board of Directors to ensure Oak Creek provides our children an excellent public education where learning is consequential, with arts, play, individualized learning progressions, and robust opportunities to learn about citizenship.

In Oak Creek, we are so lucky to have a growing community. We have great schools – teachers, curriculum, and activities. It is our job to protect our valuable community asset. I am committed to this community and have a significant personal stake in the district’s success. I want to ensure we are using our resources carefully and stretching every dollar so all of the people in the district feel great about the investments they make in our schools.

I ask for your support.


Leah was elected by the people of the district on April 3rd, 2018 and currently acts as the Board Treasurer. 


An important role of any elected official is communicating issues with constituents, and listening to their concerns. I will improve community engagement, talk to citizens, parents and students, and find more ways our board can serve our community. I will think creatively about how we can improve communication, and find the best possible ways to reach our community, so the tax payers feel consulted.

Build Partnerships

OCHS strives to ensure all graduating students are college and career ready. With growing concerns about the rising cost of higher education, there is notable desire in the community to foster strong relationships between OCHS, MATC, and local businesses, and I support this whole-heartedly. We have a fantastic and affordable tech school system right here in Milwaukee County, so let’s create new partnership opportunities that strengthen both of these institutions, because public education is the path to a strong local economy.

Great Schools for All Our Kids

Equity is achieved when all students receive the resources they need so they graduate prepared for success after high school.” – Center for Public Education

In OCFSD, we have a wide range of school facilities and resources. All of our kids deserve a healthy, comfortable learning environment, with shared access to teachers, resources, and facilities that promote success. As a citizen focused on a bright future for Oak Creek, I will look carefully at the ways we can bring equity to our classrooms.